You take care of the world. We look after your IT.

Digital transformation offers countless opportunities for non-profit organizations to use modern technology for their cause. However, they mostly lack financial, time and personnel resources. That’s why Wide helps make the most of your IT. So you can focus on social projects instead of spending energy on network issues or software updates.

A look through the IT jungle

Fundraising, online protest campaigns, or electronic contact and member management – specific needs require an individualized IT environment. It is not always easy to keep track of the countless IT offers. How do we best stay in contact with our employees abroad? How can we be sure that confidential data in the cloud is secure? How do we ensure that collected donations flow into aid projects and not into expensive others, e.g. IT projects? And how do we succeed in being up-to-date at all times?

With Check my IT for the optimal solution

With our experience from many years of intensive cooperation with non-profit organizations, we have a good insight into the individuality of needs and the requirements of such organizations. With the free review of the IT infrastructure, this knowledge enables us to make suggestions for improvement that help the organization work more efficiently and effectively in the future. In addition, we show the advantages and disadvantages of solutions tailored to non-profit organizations and how they can best be used (such as Microsoft’s offers, etc.).

It is important to us that the big issues of the world can be tackled, first and foremost. We are committed to this at all times and with passion, and we stand with our knowledge to clarify questions about costs, time and human resources around IT. So you can take care of the world.

Reza Kordi, Chief Executive Officer



„Unsere Kompetenzen fügen sich hervorragend in das Leistungsangebot von Bechtle in der Schweiz ein. Wir freuen uns darauf, unsere Aktivitäten unter dem Dach von Bechtle kräftig auszubauen und unseren bestehenden Kunden ein noch umfassenderes IT-Lösungsspektrum aus einer Hand verfügbar machen zu können“, sagt Reza Kordi, Managing Director, Wide Technology Partners AG.

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