Consulting & Professional Services

Our team of experts is ready for the challenge.

With extensive know-how and years of experience, we design innovative and efficient solutions.


Competitive advantages through IT innovations.

Our team of experts has extensive experience from a variety of projects We examine and analyze the IT infrastructure of a company and supply it with tailor-made ideas on strategy and concepts.


IT solutions for businesses

With our track record of numerous implementations, we support companies in conception and execution. Based on specific customer requirements, we combine our expertise and appropriate components to create solutions that increase efficiency while reducing operating and investment costs.

We offer a one-stop shop, coordinate the contact with hardware and software manufacturers and various suppliers and offer experience and cross-thematic know-how from a single source.

Our team of experts guarantees successful projects. In close cooperation, we realize complex IT projects together.

With extensive knowledge in the areas of IT infrastructure, systems and communication, we are always professionally on hand.

With our many years of experience, we are able to bring together complex requirements and IT needs with existing processes and to offer suitable solutions.

With the right tools and resources at the right time, we can reduce effort and achieve sustainable results.

With the Wide Expertise faster and cheaper to innovative solutions.

With our knowledge of the Swiss and international markets, we are well networked and keep up to date with the latest IT trends and technologies.



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„Unsere Kompetenzen fügen sich hervorragend in das Leistungsangebot von Bechtle in der Schweiz ein. Wir freuen uns darauf, unsere Aktivitäten unter dem Dach von Bechtle kräftig auszubauen und unseren bestehenden Kunden ein noch umfassenderes IT-Lösungsspektrum aus einer Hand verfügbar machen zu können“, sagt Reza Kordi, Managing Director, Wide Technology Partners AG.

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