Managed Services

Your IT. Updated, Backed Up, Protected, and Running wherever you need it.

Wide’s Managed IT services simplify the complexity of the IT systems, all from one hand, comprehensively supported to enhance business growth.


A new approach to IT solutions.

IT Infrastructure and systems are lifeblood of every successful organization.

The pace of IT change is increasing remarkably. Mobility, Cloud Computing, social media, consumerization, big data and analytics have all become deeply interwoven within today’s businesses. This has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way organizations use and consume IT resources; IT as a Service sits at the forefront of this transformation.
Wide’s architecture – designed from the ground up to enable your business on our platform smoothly and efficiently. We review your current environment and requirements carefully and while migrating it also optimize and update it. You get a fresh start, a fresh platform designed and tailored for your business to run at it’s best.


IT as a Service is a technology-delivery method that covers all aspects of traditional IT but as a service, providing organizations with exactly the amount of hardware, software, and critically the support that it needs for an agreed-on monthly fee.


We build and manage a customized solution on dedicated and private infrastructure, in Azure or combine the best match as a hybrid solution. We migrate your systems and applications and take care of all aspects of connectivity, communication and security. You will pay for what you use on a monthly transparent base for all your IT needs.

Allowing a business to focus on its core services rather than running, protecting and maintaining its IT systems.
Fixed monthly fee Financial transparency Pay as you grow
24/7/365 Support Proactive NOT reactive Complete peace of mind
Protected & Secured Fully Scalable Protected & Secured

Network availability and performance are critical to every company. therefore, keeping network up to date and monitoring it is vital.

As a managed service, we provide complete solutions that include all hardware, software and resources required to implement and operate your LAN, WAN, Wireless and Connectivity at a fix monthly fee for all your sites.

Our certified network experts design and implement service provider and enterprise networks across Europe. We are independent and focus on our clients requirements and stand for the best possible solutions.

Wide offers the perfect mix of expertise, processes and tools to take care of this task for you, around the clock and 365 days.

Based out of two High Security data centers in Switzerland we are one of the country’s leading Cloud Backup providers ensuring your data is safe and secure.

To Backup and restore is great, but if you look for a fully Managed Service that can restore your data, systems or complete IT in a dedicated Swiss virtual DC or Microsoft Azure and provide network and connectivity so that your users can start working almost instantly when disaster strikes with an affordable, flexible price tag in Switzerland, you will surely talk to one of our Experts.

Monitored in real-time by our Backup Administrators in Switzerland, we take care of your backups and restores to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We are an independent and neutral Swiss company and store your data safely in the heart of Switzerland. Our technical support is based in Switzerland and available 24/7.

End user experience is the defining moment that all technical details and specifications are used to fulfill its purpose. The way users consume IT services and devices have come a long way.
Wide next generation desktop manged service brings flexibility to users and allows access from any device and anywhere to critical information and systems as a business enabler.

Wide has a long track record of successful implementation of Client management and Virtualization solutions:
• Citrix Server Based Computing and Terminal Servers
• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with VMware View
• Application virtualizations with ThinApp and AppV
• Mobility solution for Notebooks, Smartphone and tablets
• BYOD Concept and Implementations
• Large Scale Thin-Computing implementations
• Application traffic engineering
The critical moment in our opinion is making the variety of the applications and concepts available to the users. Our experience and techniques with virtualization of the applications is key to dozens of successful implementations.

Wide offers the perfect mix of expertise, processes and tools to take care of this task for you, around the clock and 365 days.

The communication landscape is changing and smart companies take advantage of unified communication to improve teamwork and business flexibility, while saving every day on communication costs.
80% of companies in Switzerland pay more than they should for their day by day communication. Optimization potential is enormous. but due to complexity and one time investment most of the companies keep the existing solution.

We offer managed UC services as dedicated on-premise or hosted virtual solutions. From the moment you turn on this service you will be able to optimize your telephony costs (at least 50% less costs) you will experience best voice quality without the known VoIP issues (No echoes, noise, one-way speech), enabling your business to take advantages of Unified Communication without large investments and to replace the traditional desk phone.
Extending your reachability with your business number regardless where you are with automatic and location aware selection of the best communication channel resulting in better productivity.

We have been engineering large scale Telco infrastructure for all major service providers in Switzerland and several global players, and with Managed Services we have made it our mission to reduce the costs and provide the benefits of VoIP to our clients with minimum impact on facility and infrastructure.

If you already have a VoIP capable facility you can take advantage of our enterprise SIP trunks. Quality, flexibility and free of cost migration stand out compared to others.

An unprotected IT infrastructure is not only more sensitive to attacks, but it means above all a big security risk in an emergency and can mean loss of data, productivity and image of the entire company.

• Perimeter Firewall Protection
• Web Application Firewalls
• Premium Remote Access VPN
• Email Protection
• Managed Internet Protection
• Identity Management
• Multifactor Authentication
• 24 / 7 Security Response Center

Typically, firewall and security appliances protect against unwanted intruders. Given the diversity and complexity of these systems such a security solution should only be built and managed by professionals. In addition, hardware and software needs to be constantly updated to guarantee continuous and reliable protection. We follow the similar concept as our Network Solutions, the client has the choice between different service and solutions, from individual project based consultancy to fully managed security solutions.

Our managed security solutions offer complete and comprehensive solutions to protect against unwanted intrusion into the corporate network and data; we cover regular updates of software and hardware as well as advanced monitoring and management by security experts around the clock with clearly predictable and budgeted costs to offer less dependencies on IT resources, saving investment and training costs.

Leased Lines & MPLS, Internet Access & Secured VPN

Network connections are the arteries for the flow of information throughout the company. An efficient, trouble free and safe flow of data plays a crucial role in the success of any business.

Our network and connectivity solutions are simple, efficient and scalable. We design and implement WAN networks, leased lines, MPLS and VPLS or business internet connectivity with around-the-clock monitoring. Complete set of network and connectivity solutions for your company at a monthly set fee, we provide hardware, software and services, tailored to your needs. You will pay for what you need and don’t worry about scalability of your network and future growth.

With knowhow and connections to the Swiss and European providers, Wide stands out by taking care of every aspect of the project to provide the best price & performance for all your connectivity needs.

We understand that dedicated infrastructure is still a major requirement for companies with sensitive data. We offer complete dedicated and customized rack space and connectivity services in certified DC's in Switzerland.

Wide managed DC services enable you to respond to strategic business drivers, such as plan or migrate to faster and at a lower total cost. Our differentiator is the flexibility and combination with other services such as Storage, Data Protection or Connectivity, that we can offer from one hand.

While keeping your systems dedicated and private you can still take advantage of other managed services offering to save costs or to build a hybrid elastic cloud of your own.

We are the most flexible subject matter experts you can find in Switzerland, that cover all area of expertise required to deliver a secure infrastructure solution.


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„Unsere Kompetenzen fügen sich hervorragend in das Leistungsangebot von Bechtle in der Schweiz ein. Wir freuen uns darauf, unsere Aktivitäten unter dem Dach von Bechtle kräftig auszubauen und unseren bestehenden Kunden ein noch umfassenderes IT-Lösungsspektrum aus einer Hand verfügbar machen zu können“, sagt Reza Kordi, Managing Director, Wide Technology Partners AG.

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