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Secure Cloud & Connectivity

Whether you need a secure private cloud, public cloud or are looking to achieve the best of both worlds with a hybrid cloud platform, choosing the right cloud services is business critical, reducing costs while improving agility, flexibility and accessibility. Wide is a Cloud Service Provider, with the full array of Cloud Storage and Services to meet your business needs.

Our enterprise-grade cloud platform, which has been built using the latest technologies to ensure high availability and resilience across multiple Swiss data centres, is a combination of network, compute and storage components developed to create a scalable and flexible alternative to owning and managing your own infrastructure. Our experts can help you understand how to transition your current IT to our private cloud and take advantage of a financially backed 99.99% SLA.

Businesses of all sizes are benefiting from deploying large-scale public cloud services, replacing legacy on-premise Infrastructure.

Let us help you to move your workloads to Microsoft Azure, which provides a cost effective and dynamic marketplace of IT services, letting you pay for just enough IT to meet your needs. Wide is one of only ten Microsoft accredited cloud service providers in Switzerland that can deliver solutions for both direct and indirect channels.

One of the key challenges for IT managers today is how to develop a strategy that takes full advantage of the cloud whilst maintaining vital on premise solutions or dealing with existing ageing infrastructure. Often, clarity is needed around which cloud services to choose, which workloads to move, when to schedule down-time and how to safely migrate data.

Wide’s hybrid cloud and cloud migration service ensures organisations benefit from simple processes and tailored step-by-step support. Our team can help you combine on premise, private and public cloud IaaS into a single virtual network and take the best from each.

Dedicated Hosting, your customized alternative Swiss solution

When a pure cloud service doesn’t meet your requirements we can offer dedicated systems in our Swiss data centres and securely connect them to your site.

When your business leverages Wide’s best-in-class technology and services to build a dedicated solution carefully engineered to your exact specifications, you can focus on growing your business instead of building and maintaining your IT infrastructure. With your information fully secured within a dedicated hosting platform, you will be positioned to operate at maximum efficiency without concern.


Seamless Office365 Migration with Wide

Wide is a leading Office 365 consultancy helping your business to migrate to Office 365 in a cost effective, efficient and seamless way.

Wide has delivered thousands of Office 365 seats and has a large team of skilled individuals certified in deploying administering, managing and enabling Office 365. We leverage our many years of experience in cloud services to help you take full power of the cloud to drive growth and increase agility for your business.

Office365 combined with WIDE migration service and ongoing support is a winning combination to ensure your business success.

The benefits of a thorough and full assessment of an organization’s current infrastructure and application set and analysis of how these can be aligned to cloud-based services cannot be underestimated.

Wide assessment services, designed and developed in-house at Wide, utilising many years of experience in cloud transformations, proven tools and processes, enables Wide to offer assessment and detailed analysis.

Areas of Assessment:

  • Current infrastructure resource consumption, model and design
  • Review and optimisation of existing cloud resources – Private, Public, Hybrid or combination
  • Application assessment and placement – Infrastructure, Platform or Software as a Service
  • Recommended cloud configuration – Private, Public, Hybrid or combination
  • Connectivity and communication analysis
  • Security and risk analysis of environment and impact on cloud enablement

This phase is an invaluable service for clients who are researching what cloud computing can offer and how their organization can benefit. Our design workshops has been specifically designed to take either an initial footprint of virtualization or a more traditional physical environment, as well as a combination of the two, and show how to achieve new levels of efficiency through adopting a cloud computing strategy. We cover:

  • TCO and ROI analysis
  • Risk mitigation
  • Application review – Cloud service alignment
  • Software license impact analysis
  • IT resource collection, profiling and analysis
  • Architecture review
  • IT organization analysis
  • High availability and disaster recovery review

Whether you plan to use Infrastructure, Platform or Software as a Service or a combination of all, our design services have been built from ground up to help organizations transform their IT Services. Based on proven set of processes that are controlled through audited quality standards, we deliver an unrivalled service.


We begin with establishing a detailed understanding of the current technical environment, cataloguing the infrastructure, applications and connectivity that are in use including SLAs and measuring the performance of the existing environments. We interview your stakeholders to understand your requirements, needs and position.


Clients start from different positions that may include a need to preserve an investment in hardware and software, regulatory requirements that restrict options or other constraints. We design a target platform to fulfill the client requirements and transfer technology into positive business outcomes.


This process potentially includes redesigning roles within IT teams, developing processes with cloud in mind to simplify support and operations of a cloud enabled IT environment.

As simple as cloud services are and as beautiful they look theoretically, when it comes to implementation and migration, the reality often destroys all the benefits and advantages and becomes a real nightmare.

Typically, these activities require, data migrations, connectivity optimization and security changes, infrastructure changes and moving from physical to virtual or virtual to virtual, undertaking acceptance testing, going live on the new services and decommissioning the old.

With our years of multi discipline expertise, we provide the best migration path and guarantee its swift execution, professional and transparent.

Data residency and privacy assessments of cloud services are vital in today’s connected world to ensure every possible area is reviewed.

A key concern for any business looking at cloud computing services, is whether the services delivered by a cloud provider in or outside of their jurisdiction will meet data residency and compliance requirements. Our service helps organizations assess their requirements and ensure that these are met by the cloud service they are intending to use. We offer:

  • Review of current compliance and data residence policies
  • Assessment of the compliance and data residence policies against potential cloud services
  • Alignment of security policies with cloud strategy
  • Recommended changes to the existing compliance and data residence policies to enhance the existing structures and processes

We offer ITIL-based 24 / 7 remote monitoring, maintenance and the actual operation of your systems regardless if they are on-premise or in a cloud. We are here to give our clients the peace of mind that their business critical systems continuously supervised and are available. While we take care of the IT needs, you can focus on your core business.


This part of the process includes the re-design of tasks and roles. New infrastructure and technologies bring great time savings and flexibility. To benefit here more efficient and faster, we are also planning to restructure your operational processes and provide advice and training to the side.


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