6 Data Outages And Lessons Learned From 2017

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Data outages can have a major impact on businesses of all sizes and across all industries. This year we witnessed a number of major outages at large companies and the consequences of the downtime.

According to our State of Disaster Recovery survey for 2017, the number one cause of IT downtime is still power outages, followed by connectivity issues. Most of the outages on our list were also caused by power outages, so that reaffirms the trend. Hardware error came in at a close second at 52%. Our survey also revealed the cost and frequency of downtime events. According to our survey, more than half of companies report that they have experienced a downtime event that lasted more than 8 hours in the past five years. In the event of an outage, 67% estimate that their business would lose 20k for every day of downtime. Depending on the business, that could end it for good. But how were the major companies you heard about in the news in 2016 impacted by their data outages and downtime?

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